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A Hayfever Remedy That Actually Works!
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Difficult to Find Information

This is some info that I have previously looked for on the net and found difficult or downright impossible to find:

Accurate 2005 Honda Legend 0-100 Km/hr Spec

0-100km/hr (62mph) - 7.3 seconds

I quite like the 2005 Honda Legend.  I took one for a test in 2007 and it was a great drive!!  It's a large car, but it's handling belies it's weight.  It feels like a much lighter vehicle and the SH-AWD is AWESOME!  It really sticks to the road and I felt very confident driving it.  It's hard to find a 0-100 spec for the Legend at all, but most sites that do list it give incorrect times (most say 9.1 seconds).  The actual correct spec is 7.3 seconds, and I can confirm that by my testing as I was getting around 7.5 by my crude hand timed measurements.
I (used to) suffer from fairly heavy hayfever for about 4 months of the year.  I have tried vitrually everything on the market to try to combat it, and while I have found a few products which temporarily alleviated the symptoms, my body became immune to all of them after a couple of years of use and they ceased to be effective.  I decided a couple of years ago to see if I could find a product which cured hayfever (herbal or otherwise) and during my search I stumbled upon Yamoa Powder.  It doesn't claim to cure hayfever in all circumstances, but it does show some pretty impressive results amongst it's users, some being cured (& not having to use the product again) and most getting at least a marked improvement in symptoms.  I did some pretty extensive research into the product and the company and it all seemed to check out, so I forked out for some of their capsules and gave it a try.  I have been using Yamoa Powder for two years now and each year my hayfever has affected me less and less.  Last year I only had a handful of days where I felt a tingle in my nose, but the rest of the time I had nothing!  I'm going to use it again this year and then perhaps try going without next year to see if I'm cured or if the product just removes my symptoms temporarily (for a few months at a time).  Because it's a natural product, I'm hoping that I don't get immune to it like all the others.  I'll update this section when I have some more results!
Great Software

I've found some really great software since I've been on the 'Net.  There are often dozens of options for a particular type of application, I've done a fair bit of testing of the different options and have narrowed the contenders down to the one which I think is best (or at least fulfils all my requirements).

Here are some of the best examples:

LSoft Technologies Active@ File Recovery
This is a great tool for recovering files from corrupted hard drives.  I've only had the opportunity of using it once so far, but it succeeded where other tools (including the excellent PhotoRec) failed.  I have to say that the one time I used it, it did display some odd behaviour at times (including quitting with no warning) but it did the job!

Adobe PhotoShop Elements
It's hard to argue against the opinion that Adobe Photoshop is the best graphic editor around.  Photoshop Elements has virtually all the features of the full Photoshop product but some of the professional publishing tools have been taken out.  I can't say I've missed anything from the full version since I've been using Elements!

Adobe Premiere Elements
I have tested all of the major (& quite a few minor) home video editing suites.  Adobe Premiere Elements beats them all hands down for stability, features & ease of use.  Again, the 'Elements' version is a very similar to the full version but without some of the pro tools included.

TeraByte BootIt NG
Great tool for all things hard drive and partition related.  Allows you to manage partitions including non-destructive resizing & imaging.  Also works with Windows Server OSs.  There are other tools out there that do all this, but they all cost a LOT more.  BootIt NG is very reasonably priced and a very solid, reliable product.

Snapstream Beyond TV
If you run a TV tuner card, I can definately recommend this Digital Video Recording (DVR) software.  Runs neck and neck with SageTV in my opinion, but has some additional features that I like.

Sunbelt CounterSpy
There was a time when free anti-spyware tools like spybot were the best in the field, unfortunately this is no longer the case based on testing in my day to day work.  CounterSpy detects far more spyware than anything else out there at the moment!

Directory Opus
Hehe, I used to run Directory Opus on my Amiga!!  Nowadays it has been updated to run on Windows PCs and, as in it's early days, still represents a huge leap ahead in file management.  Highly recommended.

Lavalys Everest
Tool to monitor virtually ANY and EVERY aspect of your computer hardware including detailed hardware information, temperatures, fan speeds, voltages etc etc.  Everest is the only decent replacement to the once indispensable, but now well out of date, 'Motherboard Monitor'.

LittleLite FolderCrypt
Once again, far ahead of it's competition, FolderCrypt is the only decent utility I can find to securely encrypt entire folders (as opposed to single files) thus hiding not only the contents of the encrypted files, but their filenames and details as well.  Many of it's 'competiors' have serious security holes or just don't work very well in general.

TeraByte Image for Windows
Another great software application from TeraByte.  This product compliments BootIt NG by providing online imaging capabilities, meaning you can image a windows system while windows is still running and get a perfectly viable and complete image.  Very smart.  Also works on servers.  Again, there are others out there with the same features, but none anywhere near this low price.  Very well written; a stable, reliable application.

MetaProducts Mass Downloader
If download SPEEEEEEEEEEEED is what you're after, then this is the application for you!!  Mass Downloader was the best performing in my testing of many different download managers and also has some really useful features.  Great support by the authors too!

In all my years of searching (and it took me many years to find this) I have not found another application which does what Netlimiter does - namely monitoring (& optionally limiting) bandwidth usage on a per application basis (including accumulated history).  I am sad to say that v2 of the software can be quite unstable at times, but generally functions properly.  v1.3 has less features but is a lot more stable and is still available for purchase from the main site.  Unfortunately there have been no updates to this software for over a year now, the online forum has been taken down (probably due the the number of complaints regarding v2's instability) and despite being a paying customer, the author does not return my e-mails.  However all that being said, there's still nothing even remotely similar out there that I can find (please let me know if you know of an alternative) so despite it's issues, it's still very useful.

Raxco PerfectDisk
Again, this purchase was the result of extensive testing of all the viable options I could find.  PerfectDisk is a disk defragmentation product which beats down all contenders with a large stick.  It is the ONLY defragmentation product which defrags ALL files INCLUDING system files, pagefiles, hibernation files, the MFT AND consolidates free space!  Has been working very well for me for a number of years.  Definately recommended to help keep your system running optimally.

TorchSoft Registry Workshop
Registry Workshop is an excellent registry management tool.  It has many features that RegEdit should have had like the 'Undo' and 'Find and Replace' functions.  If you do any more than very occasional registry editing then this application is essential!

WYSIWYG Web Builder
The program I used to build this website!!  It's not perfect and doesn't have everything I'd like in it, but as far as I can tell it's the best WYSIWYG web page creator / editor available at present (they seem to be fairly rare!).  In general it works very well and makes it easy to create webpages they way you'd like.
Last updated: October 2008