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I have been connected to the Internet since 1997 and still today I am still amazed at the number of websites and the sheer variety and volume of information that is available out there on the web, mostly for free, and generally created by members  of the public.  I could never understand why these people spent the time they did creating these websites.  I mean, some of them must take forever to setup and maintain.  For sure I appreciated them, but I couldn't understand what drove people to do it.  I often asked myself 'What can I contribute?' or even 'What could I use a web page for'.  But I was never able to find a reason to justify setting  one up.

Well, recently, I found a reason!  I came to the realisation that there was quite a few bits of information that I had sought over the years that were either difficult or downright impossible to find on the web or were just very useful.  So I thought, 'Why not create a web site which publishes hard to find information that I have come across so that  others will hopefully be able to find it more easily than I could'.  I also decided that it would be great to have a web site where I could collect some info about some things that I like
Why Build a Website??
(cars, cool technology etc) and also about other useful sites, software and resources that I've found.  So here it is!, my website of useful (and cool) stuff! : )

If you're wondering about the name 'Shutup and', well, I've been an IT Engineer for over a decade now and in my experience (and many other IT Engineers  out there would probably agree) a large percentage of computer problems can be resolved by simply rebooting the computer.  I'm generally patient, understanding and courteous to my clients, but sometimes what I really want to say is this.

So anyway, enjoy the site! (best viewed with Firefox).
About Me
My name is Sam and I live in Auckland, New Zealand.  If you wish to contact me, you can do so via this email address.
Last updated: October 2008