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Last updated: October 2008
1) Half Life 2 (Including Episodes 1-3)
Genre: First Person Shooter / Logic Puzzle / Interactive Movie
Released: 2004
Comments: Playing Half-Life 2 is like being IN a movie.  It features realistic physics, great music, excellent action, logic puzzles, and probably the most powerful storyline of any game.  During the last scene in Episode 2 I actually physically shed a tear, the story was that compelling!!

2) UFO: Enemy Unknown (aka X-COM: UFO Defense)
Genre: Third Person Turn-Based Strategy
Released: 1993
Comments: Combining strategy, research, base building & character development, UFO is a very enjoyable game!  Once you start playing this game, you can't stop!!  When my friends and I first discovered UFO we hardly left the house for 2 whole weeks!!

3) Test Drive Unlimited
Genre: Open World Driving Simulator
Released: 2007
Comments: The developers of TDU re-created an entire Hawaiian island with more than 1600 km of roads!  Add dozens of exotic supercars to the mix and you have the most realistic driving game created so far!  It's great to be able to jump in my Lamborghini Mucielago and go for a 300+km/hr blast!!

4) X3: Reunion
Genre: Open World Space Trading
Released: 2005
Comments: Probably the most feature rich space trading game available at present.  X3 features a very comprehensive production based economy model.  You can own hundreds of ships and create your own factory based production empire to make your fortune.  No landing on planets tho : (

5) Gloom (mod for Quake2)
Genre: First Person Multiplayer Shooter / Base Building Strategy
Released: 2001
Comments: Gloom is by FAR my favorite multiplayer game EVER!  Basically it's spiders vs humans with a serious amount of base building strategy.  I've had many MANY hours of enjoyment playing it with friends (and always as a spider!).  I tended to be the base builder & I love the strategy side of this.

6) Commander Keen (4-6)
Genre: 2D Side Scrolling Platform
Released: 1991
Comments: Developed by creators of Doom & Quake, CK is a very enjoyable game.  I managed to perfect many cool moves with the Pogo stick!!  One Christmas my cousin and I played Commander Keen so much that the next day our wrists were in agony!!  Not that that stopped us playing tho!

7) Frontier: Elite II
Genre: Open World Space Trading
Released: 1993 (Amiga)
Comments: The long awaited sequel to the original Elite, Frontier is a very enjoyable experience.  Even by today's standards, it is a HUGE game, with over a billion named stars, most with planets which you can land on!  Frontier's scale has yet to be matched by any other published game.

8) Portal
Genre: Logic Puzzle
Released: 1993
Comments: What do you get if you cross a maniacal computer with cutting edge physics research?  Portal!  This is one of the most innovative games ever created with hours of head scratching fun.  It was intended as a technology demo, but proved so popular that a sequel is now planned.

9) Taipan!
Genre: Trading
Released: 1982 (Apple II)
Comments: Taipan! is one of the first games I ever played & I still find it enjoyable today!  The premise is quite simple, but somehow very enjoyable and can keep me amused for hours!  Originally released for the Apple II, Taipan! has since been unofficially ported to many other platforms. 

10) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Genre: Open World City Simulator
Released: 2005
Comments: I play the GTA games because of their huge open environments and gameplay.  San Andreas has a very in-depth game world with many hours of exploration to be had.  I have imported a lot of different sports cars into SA & tuned them to be realistic, including the Bugatti Veyron!

11) Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force (plus Expansion Pack)
Genre: Star Trek Voyager / First Person Shooter / Adventure
Released: 2000
Comments: Being a big Voyager fan, I jumped at the opportunity become part of an adventure in the Voyager universe.  I mainly bought STEF so that I could explore the ship in full 3D detail, but I did play the actual game for a couple of hours too! : )

12) Desert Combat (mod for Battlefield 1942)
Genre: Open World Multi-Vehicle / Multiplayer
Released: 2004
Comments: DC is another game which I have had many hours of fun playing with friends.  It is an open world game where you are able to utilise large variety of different vehicles (including boats and flying vehicles).  Often our sessions turned into games of our own design like skydiving or
stunt flying.

13) F-19 Stealth Fighter (also F-117a Stealth Fighter 2.0)
Genre: Flight Simulator
Released: 1987 (Amiga)
Comments: To be successful in F-19 you had to learn many details about the aircraft, it's weapons and stealth flying.  I had many hours of enjoyment planning and executing missions.  Despite primative graphics, the depth of game detail in F-19 is still better than any modern flight sim I've seen!!

14) SimCity
Genre: City Building / Strategy
Released: 1989 (Amiga)
Comments: A unique concept, spawing an entire genre of it's own, SimCity puts the player in charge of creating the best functioning city possible (physically as well as financially).  It took me many tries to create the perfect city (ie; the one with zero problems), but it was fun getting there!!

15) Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (Also Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 and Lotus III: The Ultimate Challenge)
Genre: Arcade Driving
Released: 1990 (Amiga)
Comments: My brother and I frequently raced each other in Lotus.  We were usually neck and neck most of the race, only getting ahead when the other player made a mistake!  A simple game, but perfecting your performance became far more meaningful when you had such close competition!

16) StarGlider 2
Genre: Space Flight Adventure
Released: 1988 (Amiga)
Comments: StarGlider 2 is a 3D space adventure like none before or after it.  It was highly enjoyable and really immersed you into it's storyline.  The game environment was very expansive (spanning an entire solar system) and the variety and depth of objects to be discovered was very impressive!

17) Magic Carpet (including the 'Hidden Worlds' expansion pack and Magic Carpet 2)
Genre: First Person Shooter
Released: 1994
Comments: Magic Carpet is one of the most innovative games I've played.  Your character rides a magic carpet, the objective being to kill off all the nasty creatures inhabiting the land with various magic spells.  When a creature is killed you are able to collect it's mana.  More mana = more power!

18) Lemmings
Genre: Puzzle
Released: 1991 (Amiga)
Comments: Another completely unique gaming concept!  The goal is to rescue a number of 'Lemmings' (small green haired creatures in the game) from certain death by granting various special abilities to some of the Lemmings (eg; digging or building) in order to get the rest safely to the exit.

19) Monster Truck Madness
Genre: Open World Off-Road Driving Simulator
Released: 1996
Comments: The official object of MTM is to race in various events against other monster trucks.  This was fairly enjoyable, but as is typical for me, I generally went off and explored the fairly large maps.  There were lots of hills and terrain to climb and traverse, some very challenging to cross!!

20) Stunt Car Racer
Genre: Stunt Car Driving
Released: 1989 (Amiga)
Comments: SCR is one of the first true 3D games I ever played.  Even though it was primitive, it was highly enjoyable racing around the elevated, roller coaster style track and performing huge death-defying jumps.  We also found a bug which enabled us to jump hundreds of meters in the air!

Honorable Mention) Doom 2
Genre: First Person Shooter
Released: 1994
Comments: Doom 2 is a great single player game, but it's an even better multiplayer game!!  My mates and I cut our networking teeth getting Doom 2 to run over a LAN and there were many hours of carnage to be had playing it.  I even created a custom level with 10x the usual monsters!
1) Contact
Genre: Sci-Fi
Released: 1997
Comments: I liked this movie not so much for the storyline per-say, but for the concepts it presented.  The wormhole sequence was FANTASTIC!!  It is one of the coolest CG sequence I've ever seen!

2) Stargate
Genre: Sci-Fi Action
Released: 1994
Comments: Another movie which I liked mainly because of the concept.  The concept of beina able to explore different worlds has always fascinated me.

3) Alien Tetralogy
Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller
Released: 1979
Comments:  The Alien movies have to be the coolest around when it comes to the subject of hostile species.  The storytelling is brilliant and the effects are 100% believable.  Great suspense & great action!

4) The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Genre: Fantasy Adventure
Released: 2001
Comments: In terms of pure cinematic magnificence the LOTR movies are without equal.  The story, acting & CG blend perfectly to create an awe inspiring movie experience!

5) Star Wars Hexology
Genre: Sci-Fi Action Adventure
Released: 1977
Comments: Star Wars is probably the most epic set of movies ever created.  The viewer is truly transported to another time and place.  Effects, story & acting are all brilliant.  Great action, great immersion.

6) Matrix Trilogy (& Animatrix)
Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller
Released: 1999
Comments: One word.  Wow!  The special effects in the Matrix films are as unique as they are mind-blowing.  The rest of the movie is just as fantastic.  The story is intriguing and the acting is excellent.

7) Bourne Trilogy
Genre: Spy Action Thriller
Released: 2002
Comments: Probably the most intelligent & consistently entertaining spy movie series I've seen!  Brilliant action & stunt sequences, great hand-to-hand fighting scenes & also great acting.

8) Indiana Jones Tetralogy
Genre: Action Adventure
Released: 1981
Comments: I never knew archaeology could be so exciting!!  All of the IJ movies are so full of great action that you never have time to even think about getting bored!  Another Spielberg classic!

9) Casino Royale
Genre: Spy Action Adventure
Released: 2006
Comments: I'm a bit of a James Bond movie fan, but Casino Royale has to be a pinnacle of all of them in terms of the spectacular action sequences.  The opening scene; awesome, rest of the movie; good.

10) The Shawshank Redemption
Genre: Drama
Released: 1994
Comments: SR is a story of injustices being righted & carefully laid plans well executed.  It's about human nature more than anything, but Stephen King sure knows how to tell a good story well!!
11) The Green Mile
Genre: Drama
Released: 2000
Comments: It's hard to know how to describe this movie.  On the surface it seems so simple, but the storytelling & acting make it fantastic!  A Stephen King classic!!

12) Gladiator
Genre: Action Adventure
Released: 2000
Comments: A very entertaining portrayal of the story of a Roman soldier betrayed by his leaders.  In particular the soundtrack to Gladiator impacted me... very powerful!  Great story too!

13) Forrest Gump
Genre: Drama / Comedy
Released: 1994
Comments: The moral of this movie is that you don't need to be smart to make a difference in the world.  I like FG because it's a great story told well & covers a lot of recent history in a unique way.

14) Minority Report
Genre: Sci-Fi Action Thriller
Released: 2002
Comments: MR has it all; great action, intrigue & a story that takes you places.  Another example of a highly polished movie, the acting, story and effects all blend perfectly into one great experience!

15) Cast Away
Genre: Adventure Drama
Released: 2000
Comments: CA is the most believable 'stuck on a deserted island' movies I've seen yet!  The movie very powerfully and effectively portrays the loneliness and difficulties of the character's situation.

16) The 5th Element
Genre: Sci-Fi Action Adventure
Released: 1997
Comments: The story in T5E is intentionally 'out there', but the movie as a whole matches the story well.  The result; a unique and enjoyable experience, rich in colour, music and action.

17) Catch Me If You Can
Genre: Adventure Drama
Released: 2002
Comments: This movie is brilliant!  I've never wanted the 'bad' guy to win so much!  The main character is highly ingenious, bold & gutsy, and the story is well written & played.  Oop, it's a Spielberg!

18) Phone Booth
Genre: Thriller
Released: 2002
Comments: Any movie in which based almost entirely in a small phonebooth has to rely on great acting and a great story; this one has both!  A very entertaining movie which will keep you enthralled!

19) Highlander Trilogy
Genre: Fantasy Action
Released: 1986
Comments: This epic tale of a group of immortal beings & their fight for supremacy over many centuries is a great series of movies.  I like the concept, story and the great sword-fighting scenes!

20) Terminator Trilogy
Genre: Sci-Fi Action
Released: 1984
Comments: There's nothing quite like fighting against indestructable robots from the future!  Especially when they're just so cool!  I love Arnie in these films, great action, cool guns, and CLASSIC one liners!!
My Top 20 Favorite Movies

I really enjoy watching movies.  We have a home cinema system which is SO much better than the average modern movie theater! (and you can pause it!!).

Types of movies I like:
Movies I like:
(Good) Sci-Fi
Action Adventures
Movies which take you to lots of different places
Movies which are set in a single place but which have a great storyline
Anything by Stephen Spielberg!

Here are my top 20 favorite movies ever:
1) 2006 Bugatti Veyron

KW/Kg: 0.36                      0-100km/hr: 2.7 sec

4) 2005 Audi RS4

KW/Kg: 0.17                      0-100km/hr: 4.5 sec
The RS4 is the ULTIMATE people mover!

7) 2002 Honda NSX-R

KW/Kg: 0.17                      0-100km/hr: 4.9 sec
It's the ultimate Honda supercar!
2) 2003 Porsche Carrera GT

KW/Kg: 0.33                      0-100km/hr: 4.0 sec
Such a good looking car & it performs!

5) 2002 Lamborghini Murcielago

KW/Kg: 0.26                      0-100km/hr: 3.9 sec
Looks great, goes better!!

8) 2007 Audi S3

KW/Kg: 0.13                      0-100km/hr: 5.7 sec
A Mini supercar.  Small, fast and agile.

10) 2006 Lexus IS 350

KW/Kg: 0.14                      0-100km/hr: 5.6 sec
A fast, reliable, good looking luxury car.
3) 2008 Nissan GTR

KW/Kg: 0.20                      0-100km/hr: 3.5 sec
The pinnacle of motoring technology!

6) 2004 Koenigsegg CCR

KW/Kg: 0.49                      0-100km/hr: 3.9 sec

9) 2008 Ariel Atom 500

KW/Kg: 0.75                    0-100km/hr: <2.5 sec
It's a go-kart... only much MUCH faster!!
My Perfect 10 Car Garage

Every bloke needs a 'Perfect 10 car garage' list.  Here's mine!
1) Star Trek
Genre: Sci-Fi Adventure
Comments: I enjoy most Star Trek shows, but especially Voyager and Enterprise, however Deep Space 9 is the exception to this rule.  I like the exploration and technology aspects of Star Trek.

2) BattleStar Galactica (2003)
Genre: Sci-Fi Adventure Drama
Comments: BSG is a very high quality show, combining action, intrique, drama and sci-fi elements to make a very enjoyable viewing experience!

3) Lost
Genre: Sci-Fi Adventure Thriller
Comments:  Lost is a unique show, successfully blending many different genres into a well oiled sci-fi mystery thriller with plenty of action and drama thrown in.

4) 24
Genre: Action Adventure
Comments: Good old super talented, resourceful, invincible Jack!  He's the hero's hero, but in a completely believable, human way!  I find the pace & constant edge-of-your-seat action of 24 to be very fun to watch!

5) CSI
Genre: Crime Action Drama
Comments: I think CSI is the best crime solving drama ever.  The way boring, routine forensic analysis is turned into a (albeit hollywood-ized) facinating process to watch is amazing!  I actually enjoy the drama & character development side of CSI a lot too.

6) Firefly
Genre: Sci-Fi Adventure
Comments: Firefly is a unique blend of the 'wild west' and space ships.  It is an intriquing combination which keep me enthralled throughout it's all too short lifespan.

7) Stargate SG-1
Genre: Spy Sci-Fi Adventure
Comments: Launching off the success of the movie, Stargate  SG-1 sucessfully reveals and expands the stargate universe and fully realises the possibilities of a network of stargates & the technology that goes along with such an advanced method of travel.

8) Heroes
Genre: Sci-Fi Action Adventure
Comments: What would happen if you woke up with a supernatural ability?  Heroes explores this possibility and the result is fantastic!  The interaction of the characters (& their super-powers) in Heroes is brilliant!

9) Prison Break
Genre: Action Adventure Thriller
Comments: Originally designed as a one season only show, PB is now in it's 4th brilliant season!  I don't know how they do it, but the writers seem to be able to make every episode as enjoyable as the first, regardless of where we're at with the storyline.

10) Rescue Me
Genre: Drama
Comments: Rescue me is the first pure drama that I've really enjoyed.  This is probably because it's aimed squarely at men and deals with issues that many men face.  It's also very humourous in places!
11) Top Gear
Genre: Documentary
Comments: To classify TG as a documentary actually does it a dis-service.  It's the most entertaining factual show about anything, that I've ever seen!  Not only are their exotic supercars being soundly thrashed, but the show's humour is absolute genius!!

12) The X-Files
Genre: Sci-Fi Adventure Thriller
Comments: X-Files is a one of a kind show about paranormal events.  I followed the show mainly for the main story arc where aliens were plotting to invade and occupy the planet.  The show however had possibly the worst ending episode ever.  I was quite disappointed!

13) Samurai Jack
Genre: Cartoon Action Adventure
Comments: I never thought I'd enjoy a cartoon show as much as I do SJ!  The show is written and directed in such a way that while at times there are minutes where no-one says anything, the scene is still able to portray it's intended meaning very effectively!

14) Doctor Who (2005)
Genre: Sci-Fi Action
Comments: Dr Who has been around for a few decades now.  The latest iteration has been updated and takes full advantage of modern special effects etc.  The storyline has also been cranked up a notch or two and I find it quite an enjoyable show.

15) Invasion
Genre: Sci-Fi Adventure Thriller
Comments: Another unique show, Invasion slowly reveals a plot to take over the planet, one person at a time.  The moderately slow pace and storyline worked well together and I enjoyed watching Invasion until it's untimely end at the completion of the first season.

16) Red Dwarf
Genre: Sci-Fi Comedy
Comments: When it comes to great comedy, the Brits are the winners!  The dry wit in RD is second to none & the brilliantly creative insults are the best!  I really loved watching the show.

17) The Unit
Genre: Action Adventure
Comments: The Unit covers the day to day lives of a military Special Operations team and the missions they undertake.  It is probably the best show of it's kind (though there aren't many) and takes you to many different locations and situations.

18) Smallville
Genre: Sci-Fi Action Drama
Comments: Following Clark Kent before he became 'Superman', Smallville follows Clark as he discovers his and learns to use his abilities.  I find Smallville to be mostly enjoyable, with the tendency to be a little repetitive at times.

19) The 4400
Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller
Comments: 4400 previously missing people are mysteriously returned, most of whom now have special abilities.  The show follows a team of special agents who attempt to keep the rogue elements of the 4400 under control.

20) Black Adder
Genre: Historic Comedy
Comments: One of the most crackingly funny comedies ever created, Black Adder covers 4 different generations of the Black Adder family , each set in different centuries.  A combination of great writing and excellent acting make BA one of the funniest shows ever!
My Top 20 Favorite TV Shows

Watching great TV is another pasttime that I enjoy.  The overall quality of TV shows is getting better and better every year.

Types of movies I like:
Movies I like:
(Good) Sci-Fi
Action Adventures
Thrillers / Mystery
TV shows which take you to lots of different places (real or imagined)

Here are my top 20 favorite TV shows ever:
Cool Flying Machines

I really enjoy flying!  I'd like to get into it in future but I'll need a bit more cash spare first!  Here are some of my favorite flying machines:
Northrop YF-23

The YF-23 was a contender in the US Air Force's Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF) program, which was created to provide a replacement for the F-15 Eagle.  It lost to the YF-22, but I always see the YF-23 as the best looking plane ever made.

Personal Jet-Powered Wings!

Invented by Yves Rossy of Switzerland, these personal jet powered wings can fly for up to 10 minutes and at a speed of over 300km/hr!!  Yves recently flew across the english channel with them!  I WANT SOME!!
Moller Skycar

The Moller Skycar is a prototype flying passenger vehicle which is designed for  very-day commuter travel in any environment.  The vehicle is currently under development (which it has been for nearly 3 decades with accumulated costs of over US$200 million!) and is not for sale at present.

Paramotor / Powered Paragliding

Take one paraglider, strap a propeller to your back and you have a Paramotor!  Paramotoring is probably the cheapest form of flying available & I intend to get myself one in future!
Cool Technology

Technology is advancing at an ever increasing rate.  We're living in exciting times with mankind closely studying and beginning to understand the details about many of the fundamental building blocks of both ourselves and our universe.  Among the most exciting of these fields is Quantum Physics and Genetics.  In the past few years, scientists have been rapidly making major discoveries and developments in these two areas, bringing us closer than ever to both vastly increased computing power and the ability to remove all flaws and diseases from our bodies. 

I come across some very cool technological breakthroughs and products on a regular basis.  I will post the best of these in this section.

First Commercial Quantum Computer Demonstrated - It's nothing flash, but it works!  This is the first of many Quantum Computers to come.

A Real Holographic Image Projector! - Sure it's a bit on the bulky side, but it is version 1 after all!

Lasers that can Heal Injuries?? - Sounds promising!!

Cars that run on just Water? - I've done a lot of research into Stanley Meyer's water car and I for one believe it is legit.  It's a pity Stanley isn't around anymore.

A Machine that can see through your skin, in real time! - It's mostly useful for seeing veins, but has other applications too.

My Top 20 Favorite Computer Games

Aaah, gotta love those computer games!! I might be in my 30s but I don't think I'll ever 'grow out' of playing games! : ) 

Types of games I like:
Open ended, allowing for free movement and exploration
Games involving speed
Money making games
Games where I can build a base of operations
Games with a strong story line
Logic Puzzle Games

Here are my top 20 favorite games ever: